What's new

Get a quick overview of what has been added, changed, improved, or deprecated in version 3.11.0 released 12th August 2022.

This release brings a new Extensions feature with Slack as the first extension, as well as stabalization and security fixes.

You can find all the associated versions for this release on our GitHub Release as well as install via our Helm chart


  • Workflow Name label is now provided for Schedules created by Run Scheduled Workflow

Tasks & Extensions

  • Manual Task fails to be marked as Complete
  • Enhanced Slack extension with Signing verification for payloads
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't open the page Manage Team Tasks

APIs & Events

  • New 'extensions' API design allowing the experience to be extended into apps that have opinionated implements, such as Slack Apps.
  • Fixed features API to include Team Tasks Feature Flag

Management & Administration

  • Fixed Users being created with no Flow Teams, causing Team Workflows view to break

Stablity and Security

  • Increased a number of minor dependent package versions across all parts of the solution thanks to Snyk and Dependabot.