Frequently asked questions

How long does a Workflow take to execute?

A Workflow can take any amount of time. A Workflow generally starts executing a Task within three seconds. A simple Workflow with a single Task usually takes less then 15 seconds end-to-end.

Does enabling the Workflow option for persistent storage have a performance impact?

Enabling the Workflow option for persistent storage results in a small performance impact, as the system works behind the scenes to spin up storage prior to executing any Tasks on the Workflow.

In tests, this has taken from 5 - 10 seconds of additional time.

Are there any time limits defined or that can be set?

We do not yet have customizable limits or timeouts implemented in Flow.

Can I create my own Tasks?

Yes. There are two ways this can be done

  1. You can bring your own containers and run them through the use of the Custom Task in the Workflow Editor.
  2. You can define a Team Task and use that in your Workflow. These Tasks can also be imported from the Tekton Task Hub.