Quotas help provide limits and enforce governance as to what you can do. There are separate quotas for Personal Workflows vs Team Workflows.

Quota Purpose Personal Default Team Default
Number of Workflows Number of Workflows that can be created for this team. 10 10
Number of Executions Number of executions per month across all Workflows for this Team 100 per month 100 per month
Concurrent Workflows Max number of Workflows able to run at the same time. 4 Workflows 4 Workflows
Storage Size Capacity The maximum number of workspace storage that can be created 5GB per Workflow 5GB per Workflow
Execution Time Maximum amount of time that a single Workflow can take for one execution. 30 minutes per Workflow 30 minutes per Workflow

Note: Quotas are set by the Administrator. If you have a concern about your allotted amounts, contact an Administrator.

Administering Quotas

To Administer team quotas:

  1. In the Flow application, select Administer | Team Quotas from the Admin dropdown in the upper left of the page.
  2. Select the desired team.

Administering Quotas

Adjusting Quota Defaults

You can adjust the defaults assigned to Personal or Team quotas in Administer > Settings