Application Architecture

The following information depicts the components and dependencies that make up the application architecture of Boomerang Flow.

Boomerang Application Architecture


Component Type Technology Internal to Internal External Ingress Internal Dependency External Dependency
Flow Front End React + Node.js Flow MS true
Workflow Microservice Spring Boot (Java®) Controller MS true MongoDB®
Controller Microservice Spring Boot (Java) false Kubernetes®, Tekton® TaskRun
Listener Microservice Spring Boot (Java) Workflow MS true NATS
Task Worker TaskRun Node.js CLI false Kubernetes®, Tekton® TaskRun MongoDB® shell image


  1. The Task worker is dynamically spun up, based on the Workflows being executed.
  2. Kubernetes is required with access to ConfigMaps and PersistentVolumes.
  3. Tekton TaskRuns are required for executing the individual Tasks.
  4. The certified Task worker has implemented, and are bound to, specific RBAC privileges in Kubernetes.
  5. If New Relic® APM is enabled it will run as a side car to the Spring Boot (Java) microservices.


Dependency Implementation Notes
  • Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform (4.2+)
  • IBM Cloud® Kubernetes Service
  • IBM Cloud Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Services
  • Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service
Kubernetes 1.20+
Tekton TaskRuns Part of Pipelines 0.23.3+
Application Load Balancer NGINX 0.23.0+
Database MongoDB
Message Streaming NATS Jetstream 2.3.4 Required if eventing is enabled
Certificate Manager Jetstack Cert Manager (0.7.0) Optional if you have your own TLS certificate as a Kubernetes secret
  • Kubernetes
  • Grafana Loki
If logging enabled, default is Kubernetes
Monitoring New Relic Infrastructure, New Relic Kubernetes, New Relic APM Agent If enabled
Tracing Jaeger® If enabled