Boomerang Flow

Event-driven cloud-native workflow automation and orchestration tool

A new scalable and extensible modern approach to automation focused on the end user experience with lower cost and increased productivity


  • Drag&Drop predefined or custom created Tasks, chain them to build your workflow.
  • Create workflow parameters to provide dynamic data at runtime.
  • View and update general information about the workflow, set triggers, and configure options.

A Raw Introduction

  • An introduction to Boomerang Flow
  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • Execute and check the results of the newly created workflow.


  • Continuous increasing list of no-to-low code prebuilt open-source Tasks.
  • Fully extensible by supporting prebuilt TektonĀ® Catalog Task and if that's not enough, build your own Task based on any Docker image.
  • With an enhanced visual platform to abstract the experience so you don't need to work in YAML directly in Kubernetes.


  • Check the execution details of your workflow design with visual indication of both the status of each task, as well as the link state.
  • The Activity page provides you with a snapshot breakdown with the ability to filter across multiple criterias.
  • View logs and output properties as well as cancel running Workflows.
  • Approve or Decline Manual Tasks.


Gain insights into workflow metrics and real time statistics like:

  • number of executions (total and by workflow).
  • peak execution periods.
  • run time durations.
  • status percentage breakdown.


  • Brief look through the admin side of Flow.
  • Step-by-step introduction into creating a demo workflow.
  • Execute and check the results of the newly created workflow.

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