Boomerang Flow provides event-driven Workflow capabilities and specific controls around managing and administering these Workflows.

Boomerang Flow Navigation

The menu is the primary navigation tool for Boomerang Flow. It is located to the top left in the header. In addition to providing a means to access the Home page, it presents the following features that support your solution.

  • Workflows - access and manage your personal and team workflows.
  • Actions - access all actions you need to perform.
  • Activity - view all the workflow activity past and present as well as diving deep into the individual workflows.
  • Insights - view data on your teams and workflows.
  • Manage - provides ability for teams to set set team parameters, define team tasks, create API tokens, and define approval groups.
  • Administer - provides ability for Administrators to control the instance of Boomerang Flow.

Supporting Functionality

The following documentation contains information for the usage of Boomerang Flow.

  • Workflow Editor - visually draw and edit your Workflow with drag-and drop Tasks from the palette.
  • Quotas - allocate a team quotas for executing and managing Workflows.