You are expected to have one of the supported Kubernetes® platforms, version 1.13.9 or higher, fully installed and correctly configured. Additional software requirements that may be met by the platform are presented in the following sections. Additionally:

  • Ensure you have read and can meet all the dependencies listed in the Application Architecture.
  • Ensure you have Helm® 3 installed, as Boomerang Flow is packaged with Helm.

Helm 3

Boomerang Flow installation requires Helm 3.


Kubernetes Image Policies

If you are implementing a Kubernetes cluster, which uses ClusterImagePolicy or ImagePolicy, you may need to add*:* to your policies to be able to retrieve the images.


Supported for use with IPv4 networks only.


If you want to support Workspaces you must set up persistent storage and you must have physical volumes available and supported as a Kubernetes volume type.





MongoDB® is a mandatory dependency that needs to be installed prior. We highly recommend the MongoDB Helm chart from Bitnami.

We recommend that you install and create the Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) with retain, with a minimum recommended storage of 2Gi.


Tekton® is another mandatory dependency that needs to be installed for Flow to properly function. The best way is to use the CD Foundation Tekton Helm Chart.

The recommended version is 0.24.3

NATS Jetstream

If you want to enable eventing, NATS Jetstream must be available to act as the messaging system. You can install NATS Jetstream via its Helm chart found here.

Cert Manager [Optional]

We recommend installing / using Cert Manager to generate your TLS certificates.

IBM Services Essentials

When standalone mode is disabled, integration to the Core services provided by IBM® Services Essentials is required.