Create a new Workflow

The process for creating a Workflow involves specifying basic properties for the Workflow, then continuing with the Workflow Editor to define the steps included in the Workflow.

Follow these steps to create a Workflow:

  1. Click Create a new Workflow in the blank Workflow tile. The Create a new Workflow modal displays.

Create a Workflow

  1. Select the method for creating the Workflow. Enable Start from scratch or Import a Workflow.

Note: When importing a Workflow, not all properties and components will transfer.

  1. Enter the following details for the new Workflow.
  • Team - The team that will have access to the Workflow.
  • Workflow Name - The title for the Workflow.
  • Summary - A brief line that identifies the Workflow.
  • Description - A more detailed description of the Workflow design.
  • Icon - Adds personalization and identifiable representation of the Workflow.
  1. Click Create when complete. The Workflow Editor page displays.
  2. Use the functionality available on the Editor page to define the Workflow. See Workflow Editor.