The Workflows page is the central area to perform actions on all your personal and team based Workflows. From here you see each Workflow as a tile and is where you create, edit, and run your Workflows.

Workflows Page

The following functionality is available on the Workflows page.

Control Functionality
Filter by team The Filter by team dropdown controls the Workflows presented, as restricted by the team selected.
Search The Search field refreshes the display with Workflows that contain any portion of the search text. The search results produced are restricted to Workflows in your team.
Templates Discover pre-built Workflows to supercharge your automation, customiseable for your needs. These are loaded as part of the installation, however can be administered through System Workflows. See How To Administer for more information.
View more quotas This opens a modal and displays the quotas applicable to either your personal Workflows or a specific team. See Quotas for more information.
Create a new Workflow Displays the Create a new Workflow modal. A new Workflow can be created from scratch or an existing Workflow can be imported and used as a basis for the new Workflow. See Create Workflow.
Overflow Menu The Workflow tile overflow menu provides the following items:
  • Edit - displays the Editor page, an advanced visual drag-and-drop no-code Workflow editor. See Workflow Editor.
  • View Activity - displays the Activity page for the Workflow for viewing each individual execution of a Workflow. See Activity.
  • Update - provides a modal where you can drag-and-drop or choose a file to update the Workflow with. It will validate that the JSON file is valid for this particular Workflow.
  • Export - provides a file that can be imported into another Flow instance.
  • Duplicate - automatically creates a new Workflow with the content of the existing Workflow. It will reset all triggers and tokens.
  • Delete - once Delete is selected, the Workflow is removed forever. See Delete Workflow.
    Run it Click Run it to kick off the corresponding Workflow. See Execute Workflow.

    Workflow Templates

    Workflow Templates are a way for you to discover and leverage existing pre-built workflows.

    You can use Workflow Templates as a starting point for your own Workflow or as a learning experience as to how Workflows are wired together.

    Workflow Editor

    The Workflow Editor is where the magic happens for creating and managing Workflows. It is a beautiful visual drag-and-drop no-code editor for defining your Workflow as well as everything to do with your Workflow configuration, triggers, and parameters.

    Workflow Editor

    Refer to the Workflow Editor instructions in the How To Guide.


    The Workflow Editor includes the following features.

    • Drag-and-drop
    • Dynamic parameter resolution
    • Conditional switches
    • Link state logic
    • Triggers
    • Schedules
    • Workspaces (Storage)
    • Labels
    • Parallelism
    • Notes
    • Change (audit) log