Architecture Overview


The Boomerang Flow application has the following main components. Navigate to the Application Architecture to learn more.

  • Front End application: This is the end user visual designer, enabling no-code Workflow building, as well as the ability to see and manage all aspects of your Workflows, including activity and insights.
  • Back End microservice: This component translates the requests from the Front End application and other trigger interactions to an agnostic Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) model.
  • Controller: This controller integrates with Kubernetes® to perform and manage executions.
  • Tasks: The Task workers are containers used to execute the tasks mapped in the Workflow using Tekton® TaskRuns

Implementation Detail

You can find further implementation details and feature specifications in our architecture repository


Boomerang Flow relies on Tekton TaskRuns and Kubernetes to perform the execution of the Tasks that are a part of the the Workflow or Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG).


There are a number of different types of Tasks including pre-built Tasks designed for a no-code experience. These are single-focus Tasks that offer tight integration into the platform, with certified Tasks providing a guaranteed implementation and tested experience.

See Getting to Know Tasks to learn more.

Bring Your Own Container Task

The Bring Your Own Container Task is a special type of System Task where you can bring your own container and run that as a Task. Typically, the Custom Task has no knowledge or understanding of integrating with Boomerang Flow and we do not force adherence to a specific implementation. The Custom Task is denoted by a flag in the upper left corner of the Task in the Workflow Editor and Workflow Run pages.