Boomerang Bosun

Application architecture

The following architecture depicts the components and dependencies that make up the appplication and their relationships.


Component Type Technology Internal to Internal External Ingress Internal Dependency External Dependency Optional Sidecars
Bosun Front End React + Node.js Bosun MS true
Policy Microservice Spring Boot (Java) Repository MS true MongoDB, OpenPolicyAgent New Relic APM
Repository Microservice Spring Boot (Java) false SonarQube, JFrog XRay New Relic APM
OpenPolicyAgent Middleware Go false


  1. Optional sidecars are what is known at the application layer. This does not include any DaemonSets defined at the Infrastructure and Orchestrator layer.
  2. Repository microservice is not required to be integrated to the dependencies. This is required only if you used the predefined integrations, as opposed to passing in an already retrieved payload.
  3. OpenPolicyAgent is a third-party open source component that Bosun wraps.